Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The rabbit hole

Transfer to diff hospital not allowed!
Discharge not allowed!
Organs must be harvested.

When I first started this Matrix-themed blog, I was prompted merely by the similarity of how we are being fed a dream-like ideal world via government-controlled news media and how those humans in the Matrix movie are being fed such similar things by the matrix program.

Little did I know that the similarity is much more than that -- we are literally being harvested for our organs, not much different from those humans in the Matrix movie having their organs being used as an energy source!

Don't take my word for it. Just judge the similarity for yourself as you read the latest insider's info on what happened to the Sim family:

"I (Uncle Yap) visited a Buddhist Temple in Bedok today where late Mr. Sim's ash was deposited, and over there I met with more Sim family members including old Mrs Sim the mother.

At the same place next Sunday morning, they will hold the final 7X7 ritual as most relatives and friends will be expected to turn up. This morning was the 6X7 ritual. Traditionally Chinese has a ritual for the dead, every 7th day until the 49th (7X7)day.

It is confirmed that the famiLEE LEEgime disallowed Sim family's request to transfer him to Tan Tock Seng hospital where better neuro / stroke care is known to be in Singapore. At TTSH is National Neuro-Science Institude (NNI), where LKy's daughter Dr Lee Wei Ling is the head of NNI.

The Sims were told by HOTA / SGH that no ambulance will accept the call to transfer Mr. Sim from SGH to TTSH, and that TTSH will refuse to accept Mr. Sim.

This sounds very rediculous. Stroke patients are allowed to be transfered. My own late granny was also stroke case and I was also told by hospital that she couldn't be healed, but I paid for ambulance service and transfered my granny between hospitals including TTSH more than once. With my personal care my granny managed to live 9 months longer than the doctors told us she would be. My family indeed transferred her on ambulance from TTSH to all the way to Malaysia.

Not only disallowing Sim family to transfer Mr. Sim, the famiLEE LEEgime also disallow Sim family's demand to discharge from SGH. They just find every excuses and threat as well as brute forces were used to prevent late Mr. Sim to leave their hands before they plundered his organs.

All the Sim family members I met had confirmed that, and I have no doubt about it.

The reason I can see very obviously is that SGH has the transplantation dept awating for Mr. Sim's organ, they want the organs there and ASAP, they won't let Mr. Sim go even to TTSH to seek better chance of treating his stroke.

I personally know that NNI at TTSH specialize with strokes, because 3 family memebers of mine - my granny my uncle and my mom were treated for stroke at TTSH NNI, I had been a frequent visitor of the NNI neuro specialist clinics as well as the wards and had even been to the ICU.

Mr. Sim admitted to SGH on 1.Feb.2007, he was still able to talk to visiting friends and family member after being found with stroke. He became unconcious on 3.Feb and was plundered his organs on 7.Feb. They back dated his Cert Of Death to 5.Feb

Actually Ms Sim gave me a photocopy of Mr.Sim's cert of death that I want to scan and web publish. But I cock-up today must have lost in on my way back. :-Z Need to ask for another photocopy.

I tried to ask the Sim family details of late Mr. Sim's medical treatments, they could hardly tell me much, but seemingly, nothing much was done by SGH to prevent Mr. Sim's stroke to worsen from a mild stroke as the SGH called it, into a brain-death again according to the SGH's own defination. I am interested because beside CT scan & blood pressure etc things, there are a lot actually that can be done to prevent Mr. Sim from worsening so drastically, from being able to talk and wanting to get down from sick bed to walk to toilet, until coma & so call braindeath.

My personal experience, I was told by doctor that my uncle will surely die from his stroke, on doctor's instuction, my aunt ordered coffin and funeral services for my uncle. The hospital pushed him into a empty room removed his oxygen etc. But in his coma I tube-fed him Chinese herbal medicine, he recovered already for about 4 years, already discharged to family home, and could ride at the back of his son's motorbike.

I was also told by doctors that my mom's stroke was very leathel, and she will either die or be long term bed-ridden or wheelchair bonded, thank heaven, we managed to defy all of that, and stroke recovered like it never happened.

My granny died in Malaysia almost a year after her stroke, I exhausted all my money on her medical, I was then still bankrupt and wasn't able to raise more money to stay in Malaysia to help her. Sadly she left me. But I was able to put her on recovery path, and see her improvements. She was bed-ridden, and requires lot of care, without my lost ablity to stay with her, she worsen quickly in Malaysia and died of resulted complications. I put in about one solid year of intensive care for her.

Speaking to Sim family, just floated up all my own painful memories... and losses.

We are all aware that China's journalist Chow Hai Ruo was declared brain-dead in London after train crash. China flew her back to heal her to excellent recovery. How fortunate that UK didn't plunder her organs when she was declared to be brain-dead, otherwise... would be just like late Mr. Sim.

I think it is fair as a hospital that you can tell patients' family that you already tried you best, you can not help the patient any better, and you think the patient is going to die very soon. I think the family can accept it. But like myself I didn't give up hope for my own family members, I did whatever I could to save their lives, even after hospital told me to prepare that they are to be dead. I will thank the hospitals for all their care and help provided still.

It just puzzle me very very much, why this does not apply to Mr. Sim Tee Hua who is a Singaporean and served NS? Why disallowed him to be transfer to TTSH? Why disallowed him to be discharged?

Mr Sim was pushed into OT to have his organs plundered, with his heart beating alive, breathing and hands warm according to Sim family, by dirty deception tricks and brute forces against strongly opposing family members' will, kneeling begging and crying. The Sims were pushed, held to the wall and handcuffed by so many matas to have the loved one's heart put to stop and organs plundered. Mr Sim's slaughted carcass was returned to his family cold hours after the plundering.

This is very unbelievable but true.

And that mata can challenge Miss Cally Sim and her 15 year old nephew , to take his mata gun from him in the process of that!

There is no way I can look away from this and don't do anything about it. Those supporter who help us on this campaign share this same feeling. And again I thank these supports. :-)"

I read the above from here and I am reproducing it on my blog for my own archival purpose. Let us recap what happened:

First, we were told by Straits Times and Channel Newsasia that the family of a dead man had a scuffle with hospital staff.

Then, it was leaked that actually the man was not dead in the conventional sense at all! His heart was still beating and the family was refused even one more day before the slaughter. We also learnt that it's not hospital staff, but 20+ police officers and security guards!

Then, it was exposed that the police yelled at and taunted the victim's family, and in fact were even more agitated than the victim's family! They tricked the family to leave the patient's room and then wheeled the patient away through a secret door.

Then, we found out that a police officer actually challenged the victim's family to a gun fight, while a hospital CCTV was recording their disgraceful behaviour!

And now, in the latest installment, it has been exposed that the family had wanted to transfer the patient to another hospital, or failing that, to discharge him, but SGH refused!!!

So tell me,
  • How much more dirt are lying there, having been buried by our Matrix Masters and waiting to be exposed?
  • What will come out if there is an open inquiry?
  • Are the above not enough to tell you that something is amiss here?
Increasingly, I am beginning to find it not a conspiracy theory and not far-fetched at all to suspect that one or more organs have gone to a local or foreign VIP, or some rich man who was able to pay SGH lots of money for the transplant! Hence SGH's determination and "desperation" to get the organs by hook or by crook!

I do not believe this is unfounded allegation or defamatory remarks. I think there is enough cause to raise reasonable doubt and for a reasonable man to make such an fair comment and intelligent deduction - nevermind if they are eventually found out to be true or false.

But that's the point isn't it? The truth of the matter could have been discovered easily if the Matrix Masters choose to have an open inquiry. But no, they would rather have we, the human batteries, cast doubts and aspersion on their integrity day after day all over the internet, than to open an inquiry!

WHY? Are they afraid that an open inquiry with CCTV played and identities of receipients revealed, would back fire upon them by exposing The Truth?

What lesson can we learn from this shameful episode? We learn that Free Speech, Free Press, alternative voice and Human Rights are all very important subjects - we cannot and must not sell away these principles in exchange for some estate upgrading.

Just think for a moment: if you had no internet access, if you had read only Straits Times, would you have known all these? What would have been your conclusion about the entire saga? Who would you be supporting? Who would you be labeling as "selfish"?

Remember: the Sim family is no different from our families - it's a typical Singaporean family! Any one of us - I, you, he, she - could have ended up like them. That's the frightening part.

Without Human Rights and Free Speech, what safeguard do we have against any abuse of power?

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, remember?

Morpheus: I imagine that right now, you're feeling a bit like Alice. Hmm? Tumbling down the rabbit hole?
Neo: You could say that.



At Monday, March 19, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the senario was like that:

- SGH received call from jobsite (if not mistaken PSA) a serious head injury casualty...

- ambulance medic reported back to SGH that casualty's condition serious, may not pull thru...

- SGH VVIP's ward informed VVIP who was waiting for organ transport that a suitable organ was on the way...

- Hospital got VVIP really for operation...

- Casually sent in to hospital, condition not as bad as reported...

- How? Already promised VVIP but organ not available? How to answer to VVIP????

- Therefore, - BY HOOK or BY CROOK, must give the organ to the VVIP if not med hub will lose face - ordered from VVVVVVIP

At Monday, March 19, 2007, Blogger The Human Battery said...

Or it could be that one of the high ranking staff at SGH had a relative who needed a transplant urgently?

But you know what, the worst thing would be if it turned out that in fact, there was NO vip or rich patient or staff's relative involved, and that it simply was a case of some arrogant fellow at SGH stubbornly wanting to "win". The more the family refused, the more he or she wanted to go ahead. The more they pled, the more it hardened his or her heart and determination to get his or her way. That would be the worst outcome for that would mean that we have a lunatic in charge of hota at SGH!

I mean, at least the prescence of a vip or rich patient or relative means that the person in charged is "rational" and his behaviour "understandable" from his selfish perspective. That's a bit better than having a senseless, mindless and unsympathetic "elite" lunatic running a hospital, meaninglessly insisting on slaughtering people and getting their organs at all cost, for no reason other than to get his/her way immediately all the time!

At Monday, March 19, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

'The more they pled, the more it hardened his or her heart and determination to get his or her way'

This is scary and very very familiar. We can see their these kind of attitude on these issues :

- Increment of GST from 3% to 4 and 5%, and coming 7%;
- the building of casinos;
- the hanging of the Viet origin Australian;
- refuse to consider social welfare scheme even for the MOST downtrodden citizens; and many many more issues.....

Despite the citizens feedback, pled and petitioned, they just ngy ngy lai (ying4 ying4 lai2) They want to get their way, they want citizens to relent, give in and give total submission to them.

At Monday, March 19, 2007, Anonymous k. said...

I think we all should support to open a fund, to sue sgh & spf.(open inquiry) ONE for all & all for ONE.

At Tuesday, March 20, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh so it seems my hunch is right. The whole affair has looked very suspicious right from the start. No smoke without fire i say.

At Wednesday, March 21, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, well, well. What do you guys think of this?

At Thursday, April 12, 2007, Blogger -ben said...

You may want to read this:

April 12 2007
Potential organ donor was wrongly declared brain-dead.

A 3rd opinion revealed that the first two doctors were wrong.

Majulah Singapura.

At Monday, April 16, 2007, Anonymous SiM7SouL said...

If You DONT Opt OUT – Donate At Your Own Risk…!?!

For Your Latest Update & Information-

If You DONT Opt Out…
They will Still ASUMED (weather you know or DONT know about HOTA like my brother Sim Tee Hua & Our Family) & They Still Feel They Have the right to “Rob” Your Organ… as long as they had pronoun you are Brain Dead & they can Even “Rob” it IMMEDIATELY… (They feel that they have the right NOT to give you Any time to Hope for Miracle as “Freshness” of ORGAN is More Important…)

If You Opt OUT…
They (HOTA) will Not even approach you… ( to what I was being told…)
Chance (in time) & Hope will be given to the Patient & Family till They Themselves gives up…

So… How you want it to be… over HOW/WHEN You want to end your life… is by You Yourself or Your Family to decide… NOT the State… (you own your live to Your PARENT…NOT the State !?!

Best Regards!


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